RealPlayer is a free to download, cross-platform multi media player featuring extraordinary features! Stream, Download, Enjoy!

What is RealPlayer?

RealPlayer is a free to download multimedia player which is able to playback all your audio and video media files without the need to download extra plugins. Real Player is 100% free to download and use and is released under the General Public License.

100% Free Software

RealPlayer is powered by an underlying open source media system known as Helix. Being Open Source software means that anyone can contribute to making this free to download media player the best it can possibly be in terms of performance, features and stability.

RealPlayer Features

RealPlayer contains many technological features from within to make your playback experience the best it can possibly be. Download videos faster thanks to our clever download process. Transfer media to your portable devices. Convert, Playback, Edit, Share with your friends and much much more.

Download, Share, Enjoy!

Want to share your audio or video files with friends and familiy? Maybe you want to upload to facebook, twitter or youtube for the world to see? RealPlayer features an inbuilt sharing system to make it easier to share your popular videos online.

Supported Formats

RealPlayer can playback all your Audio & Video files including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DV, Real, H.264, DVD, MP3, MP4, WMA, AAC, TTA and more. RealPlayer can also import and convert your digital media files into various other formats.

RealPlayer Setup

When yоu first download RеаlPlаyеr, it іѕ pretty сlеаr aѕ tо hоw to use іt. There іѕ а Hеlp link at the bottom оf the fіrѕt welcоme sсreеn on the right ѕide іf you hаvе аnу diffіcultу with thе ѕtart-uр prосеsѕ. Once уоu gо tо MyLibrаry, it will оffer to іmpоrt media files for yоu automatically.


RealPlayer is Open-Source Software, released under the General Public License meaning it will always be freely available for download to its members.

Download & Installation

Real Player is 100% free to Download and use. Click the download button below and follow the onscreen instructions when prompted. Stream, Download, Enjoy!

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Supported for Windows 32-bit and x64 Editions